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Geneva '08 Preview: Saab releases 9-1X teaser shot

Filed under: News & Knowledge
We've got to give GM props on this one, since, unlike other automakers, it's blacked-out teaser isn't nearly as susceptible to Photoshop trickery. Regardless, Saab put up the image above on its media site announcing what we already knew: the Saab 9-1X concept is coming to Geneva and it's going to take all the right cues from its bigger brothers Although the head-on shot gives us some clues about the concept's wide stance and aggressive snout, what we really want to know is how the designers have shaped the rear hatch. While it's assumed that a sloping rear roofline will terminate into a bulbous back end, we've heard rumors that a large overhang will be fitted at the top of the roof to give a sort of reverse-ducktail. The Geneva Motor Show is fast approaching and we're looking forward to seeing how Saab plans to do battle with the Audi A3 and Volvo C30.

[Source: Autoblog]


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