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BMW exec confirms electric city car

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Fuel-efficient city cars are being created at automaker R&D departments the world over, and even BMW plans on getting in on the action. BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has confirmed that the German automaker was working on a 'mega city car' that will carry an all-new look, and two powertrains. One micro car will receive motivation with the aid of standard combustion, but the other will be pure electric. The electric vehicle will also comply with a California mandate that by 2012 there must be a fuel cell or battery-powered car that can travel 200 on a single charge. For comparison sake, GM promises at least 40 miles for the Chevy Volt, and Mitsubishi is looking at 100 mpg for the iMiEV.

It's also worth mentioning that the BMW CEO specifically pointed out that it meets California regulations, signaling that the vehicle would be available Stateside. There is still no word regarding which of BMW's three brands would be used for the vehicle, but we're still very sure it won't be a Rolls Royce.

Source: autoblog.com


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